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5 Fresh 48 Tips

1. Communicate with your photographer

After doing a maternity shoot the next conversation is usually about photos after the baby is born. I offer lifestyle newborn shoots and fresh 48. When my clients ask about fresh 48 I always communicate to them that if they choose to book one but things do not necessarily go as planned and you don't want a fresh 48 after the baby is born that there is no problem to reschedule a lifestyle newborn shoot. I think this is important to talk about especially if this is your first baby because you do not know how things will be after delivery. Birth is unpredictable and even if you are not feeling "up for it" I don't want anyone to feel stressed after having a baby. I know all photographers may not feel the same but it would be something to at least bring up with your photographer.

2. Bring a robe

This is for the wonderful mammas out there to note. The hospital usually gives you hospital gowns which aren't necessarily the most comfortable thing to get pictures taken in. Bringing a little robe will help you feel comfortable and they photograph well. My number 1 tip is to make sure you feel your best self, which isn't always easy 48 hours after having a baby but wearing something that is yours might make you feel a little more yourself.

3. Hospital rooms are dark!

This is important for you to know from the eyes of a photographer. They will most likely ask to shoot when the sun is strongest in the room with the the window shades open. Pay attention to this if you can and let your photographer know as soon as you can. This will get the best lighting in the room and help you look your best and get those detailed shots.

4. Feed the baby before or right when the photographer get there

This is pretty much as clear cut as I can say it. If you want breastfeeding photos then do that when the photographer gets there so little babe is happy the rest of the time. Of course babies are unpredictable and you may have to feed during the shoot which is 100% fine. The point of a Fresh 48 is to show what your new little bundle of joy is about and showing you all figure it out. If the baby is crying, don't worry, you will love those photos too because it shows your little one.

5. Go with the flow

Similar to the tip above but really go with the flow. You really aren't in much control when it comes to newborns. Embrace the feeling of feeling a little frazzled, embrace the cries, embrace the first moments of being with your baby. That's why you are doing a Fresh 48 isn't it. To show the first REAL moments of being with your baby in the hospital. It's such a special time that doesn't last forever. Embrace it all :)

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