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The dinosaur toys all over the floor will not be there forever.

I am not sure what has been happening that has made me obsessed with capturing the feeling of our home as it is right now. Maybe it's because I just had my last baby, or because my oldest is ending pre-k and starting "real" school next year, either way I want to capture the feeling around this time in life.

This was this morning. Everything exactly where it was when I woke up. Our house is usually messy, diapers everywhere, I leave the jam out till it gets runny, and there are legos EVERYWHERE. I know everyone's home is so special to them, so why not capture it the way it actually is. Honestly authentic. Not clean, not dressed to match, just authentically how life looks day to day.

Legos, playing in the mud and feeding the baby while editing.

The days are long but the nights seem to drag on. Opening the door to my sons room these stars are on all night and all day. The music going on and on and someday those stars and music won't be there. The sound and light has already changed multiple times within these 5 years.

I love you my babies.

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