As a former teacher I definitely know how picture day goes down. The line of kids waiting to sit and force a smile while the photographer tells them to “open their eyes wider”.  I might be crazy but I love my kiddos squinting eyes when he smiles super big. All kids are so unique and their “school photos” should resemble that. Showing their personality, whether it be their favorite dance move, or their scariest roar. Let kids be kids, even on picture day. 

What’s included

  • Class photo
  • Individual photos most likely outside 
  • Sibling photos if requested
  • Documented moments in the classroom or playground.


I serve non traditional schools and homeschooling groups. I am a team of one so at this time I only take schools with 150 students or less. Depending on the size of the school this will take 1 - 3 days.


I offer individual prints, digitals and/or packages of prints. The prints after ordering will be hand delivered to your school for pickup and the digitals they will be able to download immediately after purchase. 


FREE! The cost will be complementary to the school and 10% of profits will be given to your school or group. Another option instead of receiving 10% of the profits is a gallery of images to use in promoting your school. 

Any Questions?

There are no silly questions or crazy request, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Completely candid, no posing, showing what it's like at school for them.

What is documentary photography?

The cubbies in their class, the pencil they use every day. Little details that make up their school day.